A Message From Our Pastor: COVID-19 Update

--- July 1, 2020 ---

Dear Church Family and Friends,

It is with a heavy heart that I am writing to you today. On May 26th I happily informed you that, after 11 weeks of quarantine, we would be able to gather again and worship as a church. Since then, we’ve tried to make the very best out of the “new normal” that COVID-19 has presented us by encouraging social distancing, masks, hand-washing, etc. While the last 5 Sundays have been a little different…it has been SO GOOD to see all of your faces again. That’s what makes this next part so difficult.

Last night, I met with all 7 of our Church Trustees and we unanimously agreed that OUR SUNDAY MORNING WORSHIP HOUR should be suspended until further notice. Given the elderly population in our church, our inability to practice social distancing effectively, and a number of our Sunday morning attendees having been recently exposed to COVID-19 – we believe that this is the right decision; the wise decision. You see:

While we are all thoroughly sick of COVID-19…it seems that COVID-19 is not yet sick of us.

Statistics tell us that the disease has SPIKED in Texas, and most particularly in Dallas County. When we originally stopped offering live services – it was due to 1000 new cases per day appearing in our State. The shocking news? Today there are 5,000 new cases per day.

On April 1, 2020 there were 10,000 total cases of COVID-19 in Texas. Today, there are 60,000.  

2,000 people in our beloved State have LOST THEIR LIVES due this illness. One reputable source reports that this number will swell to 14,000 deaths by October 1st…if we continue on our present course.

I have to be honest with you. When it comes to statistics…it’s hard to know what to believe. There was a time when I wasn’t even sure if COVID-19 really existed. But the story of Grant and Lissie Carnevale changed by mind…

Grant is a 34 year old Grand Prairie Police Officer who attends our Church. He and his 31-year-old wife Lissie have four beautiful kids ages 9, 8, 5, and 3. The entire family, including Lissie’s parents (both in their 50’s) contracted COVID-19 a few months ago. Lissie writes:

“I was sick with a high fever, headache, body aches, awful night sweats, chills, and trouble breathing for almost 4 weeks. The first 4 days I slept 24 hours a day and could not eat. Just moving around in my bed hurt and was exhausting. Even after our main symptoms were gone and we were tested negative it still took about 2 weeks to get rid of the fatigue and get my full strength back.”

Grant writes:

“It amazed me how FAST this disease spread among all of us even though we isolated ourselves from each other and wore masks around the person who was sick. We’ve all experienced the flu. This was nothing like the flu.”

Grant and Lissie are both young, healthy, and physically fit. CAN YOU IMAGINE what this disease could do to someone who ISN’T?

I hate this as much as you do! It bothers me. It frustrates me. But then I remember… WE ARE THE CHURCH!!! We’ll have our Sunday message and worship online at 10:45 as always. We’ll continue to LOVE EACH OTHER, and PRAY FOR EACH OTHER, and SERVE EACH OTHER because THAT’S WHO WE ARE.  

If you have any questions or concerns, please contact the church office at 972-262-5656. Until we see each other again, PLEASE STAY SAFE. STAY FRIENDLY. STAY FLEXIBLE. AND IN ALL THINGS, STAY FAITHFUL.

We Love You,


P.S. Youth camp next week WILL STILL GO ON. (Contact us for more details). If you took a bag to provide gifts and treats for a particular teenager – please deliver them to the Church Office from 10 to 4 on Thursday or to the Family Center from 9 to 10:30 a.m. on Sunday.