A Message From Our Pastor

To My Dear Calvary Family,

During a recent pastoral retreat, I came to realize that the time had come for a full and deep meditation with the Lord. I need to examine my calling. I need to seek the Lord's will for my ministry here at Calvary. I need to seek the Lord's will for our people. I need to spend a period of time in deep and abiding spiritual reflection seeking spiritual renewal.

The pastors and leaders who attended the retreat with me outlined a rigorous environment that requires that I spend 8 to 10 weeks away from our church. They believe that focusing on examining and changing or recharging my physical and emotional batteries, while seeking spiritual renewal, is clearly in the best interest of our church. Throughout this period, they will provide a structure of accountability and guidance to ensure the best possible outcome.

During my time away, you'll be in my heart and your best interest will always be on my mind. My family and I LOVE YOU...and look forward to seeing you all again soon.