A Message From Our Pastor: COVID-19 Update

--- May 26, 2020 ---

Dear Church Family and Friends,

After 11 weeks of quarantine and sheltering at home due to the COVID-19 pandemic, I am so happy to tell you that on Sunday, May 31st WE WILL BE BACK TOGETHER AGAIN!  While this will not be a full return to our normal ministries (more on that later), it will be a beautiful “mid-step” to get us back in the swing of things.  To ensure that we are complying with the government’s instructions (see Romans 13) and are ensuring the safest possible experience for our family and friends, here are a few details about our return:

  • For the time being, we are returning to Sunday 10:45 A.M. WORSHIP ONLY.  (No nursery, children’s ministry, Sunday School Classes, Lifegroups, or Sunday Evening Worship just yet.  This will come soon!)
  • All arm rests, tables, chairs, door knobs, handles, crash bars, equipment, etc. will be fully sanitized prior to and following your visit.
  • Please enter the Auditorium through one of the side glass doors.  (The middle door will be closed to help insure social distancing.)
  • Gloved ushers will be available to open all doors for you upon entry and exit.
  • Bottled water, hand sanitizer, and masks will all be available as you enter.  WE ARE NOT REQUIRING MASKS TO BE WORN AT THIS TIME.  This is purely for your convenience.
  • When you enter the Auditorium you will note that every other row is blocked off for safety.  Please find a seat in an available row and LEAVE 2 SEATS EMPTY between families.
  • For safety reasons we will not have a greeting time, a plate-pass offering, or a church bulletin available at this time.  Please deposit your offering in one of the locked boxes at every exit.
  • At the conclusion of the service, we will dismiss BY ROW to insure proper social distancing.

Please know that if you are 65 years of age or greater, this virus leaves you at an INCREASED RISK.  If anyone isn’t comfortable attending live service just yet…IT’S OKAY! Beginning on May 31st we will be LIVE STREAMING our service on social media at 10:45 A.M.  If you don’t know how to access this content, please call the church office at 972-262-5656.  



P.S. Youth Camp in July is still scheduled to go on!  To hear all available updates and safety information there will be a parent meeting immediately after church in the Family Center on 5/31.  Unfortunately, Kid’s Camp will be cancelled this year due to some truly impossible restrictions.  However, our Children’s Pastor Josh Moody will soon be announcing a series of Summer Events for our kids that you won’t want to miss!