A Message From Our Pastor: COVID-19 Update

--- August 4, 2020 ---

Dear Church Family and Friends,

Last month I wrote to you with a heavy heart to tell you that, due to the spike in COVID-19, we would again be forced to suspend live services until further notice. Since then, over a dozen of our faithful members have contracted this dreaded illness including Aubree, Vance, Jenny, and I. Yes, my family has personally experienced the head and body aches, fever, loss of taste, and extreme fatigue we’ve all heard so much about. I can tell you firsthand…this disease is a beast.

Thankfully, (to my knowledge) none of our church family who contracted this sickness were over the age of 65. None had preexisting health conditions. Most of us are past it now. Most of us are on the mend.  

But this has been a TOUGH YEAR, hasn’t it?!

On January 1st WHO WOULD HAVE THOUGHT that 2020 would turn out like this? Who would have imagined the racial tensions, the political insanity, the violence, and the shutdown of our entire world due to Corona? In WHAT NIGHTMARE would we not even be able to gather as a church for months on end?? It’s all enough to really get you down

But my brothers and sisters; my fathers and mothers I just have to tell you… I’M NOT DOWN.

I believe to the depths of my soul that THIS IS OUR MOMENT!

Back in March of this year I told you all that I believed it was time for our church to have a rebirth. I told you that we needed to relaunch…to rebrand…to relocate. I told you that we have to become the church that Grand Prairie so desperately needs. I couldn’t have possibly known that a few weeks later everything would change.  

Listen, the world that emerges from COVID-19 will not be the same world that entered it! Don’t kid yourself. This America is broken. People are scared. People are hurting. People are confused.  

What if God in His sovereignty is bringing us along for JUST SUCH A MOMENT?

I am writing today to tell you that God willing, on September 13, 2020 we plan to relaunch our Sunday Services. God willing, that Sunday we will open our nurseries, our Sunday School Classes, our morning and evening services and our small groups. I have so much to tell you. There are so many doors that God has been opening behind the scenes for our church over the last 4 months. I can’t wait to see you all again. But in the meanwhile…

It is SO IMPERATIVE that we prepare our hearts and lives for what God is doing.  As the late British Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher cautioned President George H. W. Bush prior to the first Gulf War, "Now is not the time to go wobbly."  NOW IS THE TIME:

  • To keep worshipping online and encouraging others to do the same.
  • To keep praying for your brothers and sisters in Christ and calling to check on their needs.
  • To keep giving financially to the work of Jesus Christ through your local church.